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    Robin Horton

    One question that has come up a couple times in conversations with local folks is the concept of a waiver.

    I ended up writing a quick waiver for using certain bits of equipment in our area, but I’m wondering how to tweak it and it’s purpose. It feels odd requiring a waiver for limited pieces of equipment as opposed to covering the entire space in one fell swoop. Do any of the folks here have a required waiver for using certain equipment? If so, what equipment do you require it for?

    examples might include:
    Anything sharp? (spatula, knives, etc)
    3D printers?
    Laser cutters?
    Hand tools?
    Hand power tools?
    Large equipment?

    Or do you have something required for using any part of the facility? Including what might be considered Community space or just in certain areas?


    Jonathan Hunt

    Hi Robin,

    At MIT we do NOT (CANNOT) require or use waivers for our students as MIT policy. If we have trained them appropriately, manage the makerspace according to industy best practices, and have the proper safety in place, then when someone does get injured our risk of being found negligent in a lawsuit is minimized.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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