Hon Task Chair

These ‘Chairs’ have proven extremely reliable and flexible in makerspace environments. Specifically, the task chair/stool, with wheels and footrest.

Students tend to be a bit rough with furniture- coupled with a makerspace environment, it seems to only get worse! With a molded plastic design, the chair reduces the probability that a student will use this item as a cutting surface, or a ladder. Although the chair is all plastic, its flexibility maintains a certain level of comfort without the need for fabric or foam. No arms, will ensure your students don’t get too comfortable, keeping them awake, alert, and attentive (all of which should be a requirement in any makerspace). The all plastic design also eliminates the need to dust or clean fabric chairs. The seat adjusts up-and-down, for high or low tables. The best feature of this product, is the footrest: when making, we tend to use our hands. The ability to use your feet for balance, or to pull a chair closer to you, is extremely helpful. While I still prefer traditional ‘stools’ for woodworking or metal working spaces- these chairs are great for Digital Fabrication (CNC Routers, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting etc.), Physical Computing (Soldering, Electronics, Circuitry, etc.) and Media Development (Audio/Visual Recording, Green Screen, Special Effects, CGI, etc.).

Hon SmartLink Task Stool

Hon SmartLink Task Stool









          Optional Features



            • Plastic Design keeps it clean
            • Casters allow for easy movement
            • Footrest is great for a variety of maker processes
            • Less comfortable, No Arms and plastic seating keeps you engaged


            • Compared to a traditional Stool, the Task Chair cannot be stacked
            • Less comfortable, No Arms or foam cushion
            • Casters, make sure you buy extras!

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