JET Belt/Disc Sander

JET Brand Equipment has been reliable for decades. While their reliability & durability continue to impress- the overall design of this Equipment promotes a level of hazard, that is not recommended for Academic Makerspaces.

Changing the Belt, is always a frustrating task- this system specifically, includes additional tasks to remove the Belt. The Sanding Disc is easily replaced. Inevitably, sanding equipment will create dust; vacuum port adapter plates are included with your purchase, allowing you to plug-in your Vacuum Cleaner. Unfortunately, when plugging your vacuum hoses into this adapter, the hoses will interfere with accessibility and visibility of the ON/OFF Switch for the Equipment.

Lastly, when turning the Equipment ‘ON’, the Disc and Belt Sander begin moving. This is common with Belt/Disc Sander Combinations, as they use the same motor to drive the Belt and Disc rotation. When using the Belt Sander Table, it is common for the User to forget that the Disc Sander is also moving. The Disc Sander Table/Area, exists at waist level. This can easily catch, grab, or tangle any lose items. Keys, key-chains, lanyards, shirts, pants, and dresses are all common items that could easily be caught by the Disc Sander, and ultimately lead to injury.

Belt/Disc Sander Combinations are a wonderful choice to cut costs. Because each system uses the same motor, you will get two products for the price of one! However, this increases the potential hazard for your Users. JET is a wonderful brand, and they are not the only company that offers Belt/Disc Sander Combo Systems. Therefore, my advice is to ‘steer-clear’ from *Standing Belt/Disc Sander Combination Units- any Brand!  *These systems are also available as Desktop Units. While these systems still pose a potential entanglement hazard, the User has better visibility on the FULL operation of the Equipment. Thus, the User is more AWARE of the potential hazard.

JET Belt/Disc Sander

JET Belt/Disc Sander



    Ease of use/Training







          • 120v, plug it in to existing Socket
          • Combination Unit means you save money
          • Fully Adjustable, Easily Adjust the Tables
          • Cast Steel Parts make it Durable, but the Equipment is still light enough to move


          • 15 Amp, you may need to upgrade your Circuit Breaker
          • Vacuum Port interferes with ON/OFF Switch
          • Belt replacement is more difficult than normal
          • Increased Hazard with Disc Sander at waist level

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