MIT’s Maker Survey

In order to inform design decisions for the MIT MET Warehouse Makerspace and get hard data to improve makerspaces at MIT, a maker survey was conducted of MIT students over the summer of 2015.  The survey had a 17% response rate, which is great during the summer.

Data is important because it enables you to know the truth of the situation and provide backup to support your decisions.  With good data, it is easier to get stakeholders to sign on.

Creating the survey took over two weeks working closely with MIT’s Institutional Research Office and the Chancelor’s office.  MIT has made the survey freely available to other universities so that it is easier for them to obtain the information.


The results of the MIT Maker Survey are available at MIT’s Project Manus site.

What information would you like to learn fro your students about making and makerspaces?  Answer in the comments.


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